Mississippi Homeowners Insurance

Mississippi Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, you need homeowners insurance. When you got your mortgage, you were likely informed of this by the loan officer. Naturally, you need to comply with certain minimums to keep your creditors happy, but will their minimum requirements help you recover if your home is damaged or destroyed? Don’t risk it. Let Riverside Insurance Agency, Inc., work with you to find an affordable homeowners policy that meets your needs as well as the requirements set out in your mortgage agreement.

Customizable Coverage

Like most types of insurance, homeowners insurance usually comes with certain standard options. However, Riverside Insurance Agency, Inc., understands that your home is as unique as you are, so we don’t sell one-size-fits-all policies. We offer customizable coverage to meet a variety of homeowners’ needs. Our insurance professionals will work with you to set affordable deductible amounts and also help you choose limits that fit into your budget while covering the things that matter most.

Homeowners Insurance Options

When writing a homeowners policy, we always start with the basics. Our standard policies include

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Appurtenant Structures coverage
  • Personal Belongings coverage
  • Additional Expense coverage
  • Personal Liability for all occupants
  • Medical Liability coverage for guests injured in the insured home

After covering the basics, we’ll review additional coverage options with you. Do you need flood or earthquake insurance for your home? Will standard homeowners limits help you recover in the event of a total loss, or do you need extended coverage? Do you have additional risks to insure? Our menu of optional homeowners coverage includes

  • Scheduled personal property riders for high-value items
  • Landlords liability coverage for clients managing rental property
  • Vacation home insurance
  • Vacant home coverage
  • Extended limits for high-value homes
  • Personal umbrella coverage

Call Today

The only thing worse than not having insurance is having insufficient coverage when disaster strikes. Contact Riverside Insurance Agency, Inc., today for your free rate review at (601) 371-8355 or email info@RiversideMS.com. We care about the things that matter most to you.

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